Patricia Legros, bookbinder

Do you have a book or stacks of documents to bind, even a whole collection ?

You are at the right address. I take pride in high quality work, covering a wide spectrum of offerings : from registers to artwork, I aim at excellence. My craft demands it.

You are :

• an administration that has to classify numerous documents and archives.

• a public library that needs to restore its collections.

• a company or a liberal profession (lawyer, notary, doctor, surveyor, accountant, etc.) that has to organize archives, professional publications or documentation.

• a cultural institution : a library, a museum, a gallery which also wishes to restore or optimize its collections, and in some occasions, to propose a golden book.

• a collector, who wishes to highlight his precious treasures : magazines, photographs, autographs, family archives or others.

• a firm, for its gifts to customers and partners, for personalized publications, golden books. For a classy restaurant, its cards and menus.

• a bibliophile, a genuine lover of the beautiful object, seen as a unique and personalized artwork.

Let’s talk about your projects, your wishes and/or the things that would make your life easier. I will provide a carefully handmade object, at the same time beautiful and efficient, made by an artisan who will always be listening to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.